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AFAST Electric Vehicle Cooling Pipe Tool

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AFAST Electric Vehicle Cooling Pipe Tool

The A-Fast 10 Battery Cooling Nozzle is a lightweight, easy-to-assemble nozzle designed to cool EV batteries. The Nozzle does not extinguish the battery but cools the battery pack from beneath the vehicle.


The benefit of the A-Fast 10 is its ability to flow water at low pressure. This allows it to be directly attached to a hydrant to allow the engine to be available. 


As with all A-Fast nozzles this can be attached to any 1.5 valve and supplied via 1.5 hose. 


1.5" NH Base

Size: 1 inch 6061 Aluminum pipe, each section is 36 inches long.

Flow: Depending upon pressure, it flows between 50 and 90 GPM.

Full PPE must be worn working with this nozzle pipe.

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