CMC Rescue Rack, 6 bar



Innovative Features Deliver Enhanced Performance

The CMC Rescue Rack offers several innovative features to provide enhanced performance. The “fat” aluminum bars provide excellent control for rescue loads. The bars are center drilled to reduce weight and allow better heat dissipation. The finish also prevents transfer of material to the rope, common with bare aluminum bars. The Turbo Bar at the top has a tie-off pin on the side. The second bar has a straight slot to help warn the user of a misrigged rack. Since the top two bars do most of the work, they are a full one inch in diameter. The next four angled slot bars are 7/8 inch. The stainless steel frame has a welded eye. The rack comes assembled, ready for use.

CMC’s Super Finish

CMC’s Rescue Racks have the exceptionally long wearing proprietary finish that is also used on our aluminum Rescue 8s. Whether hard or soft, the surface anodizing on aluminum descenders eventually wears through. Working with a company that specializes in material coatings, we developed a finish for our Rescue 8 and Rappel 8 that outwears every descender we’ve used. After years of heavy use, test samples continue to be used in CMC Rescue School classes without showing any indication of the surface wearing through.

Product Weight: 1.8 Lb (794 G)
Overall Length: 15 In (381mm)
Rope Size (Diameter): 1/2 In (13 Mm) / 3/8-1/2 In (9.5-13 Mm)
Color: Stainless Steel / Black
NFPA Rating: General Use / Technical Use
3 Sigma Mbs: 22 Kn (4,946 Lbf) / 13.5 Kn (3,035 Lbf)

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