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Cairns 360 Structural Helmet, NFPA

$299.59 - $384.99
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Thermoplastic shell structural helmet with a perfect balance of durability and performance. 

Lightest structural fire helmet in the Cairns line. The Structural 360 helmet offers well balanced construction for all-day comfort.  Tough thermoplastic shell provides the durability for everyday use.

All Cairns helmets have the following features:
  • Market-leading 5-year shell replacement warranty.
  • Non-corroding, high-temperature-resistant faceshield/goggle hardware.
  • Rugged, high-temperature edge will not melt or drip.
  • Easy front headband adjustment for proper SCBA mask fit.
  • Simple rear ratchet height adjustment to fit all head sizes.
  • Headband (6 3/8” to 8 3/8”) fits a wide variety of head sizes.
  • Durable helmet hanger fits on large hooks and resists bending.
  • Minimal parts for lower service cost and easier maintenance.
A sleek, low-profile, NFPA-compliant goggle designed to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses. The high-temperature frame allows fast lens replacement. Patented Speed Clips make strap adjustments easy, even with gloves on. The snap-on/snap-off mounting system consists of simple low-profile posts on the sides of the helmet.

Goggles can be used alone or with a faceshield. They can be stored on the front or back of the helmet, or quickly removed, as desired.

 4”  Tuffshield® Visor. Although it costs you no more than the clear and smoke visor options, we at TheFireStore.com believe the Tuffshield visor offers distinct advantages. We supply it as the standard equipment visor on all Cairns Traditional and Deluxe Configuration helmets for some very good reasons:  Tuffshield is significantly more heat resistant. The Tuffshield Defender visor is heat-resistant up to 500° F. Other visor materials will start to melt at about 345° Tuffshield is a heavier grade material with more impact resistance.

As the name implies, it’s just tougher.  The slight yellowish tint helps you see better, day or night. Like a pair of amber shooting glasses, they filter out harsh wavelengths and glare, improving contrast and revealing more detail under all lighting conditions—including looking at flames.  4” amber Tuffshield visor is compliant with NFPA 1971, 2013 edition. All visors meet ANSI Z87.1+ impact requirements.

Standard Configuration Includes:
  • Flannel Cushion Liner
  • Nomex Earlaps
Deluxe Configuration Includes:
  • Leather Cushion Liner
  • PBI/Kevlar Earlaps
4" Leather Fronts are sold separately.

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light weight helmet


Ten years ago, after recieving a neck injury in a ceiling collapse, and the following surgery, my neck couldn't take the weight of the Cairns 1010 for 2+ hours on a call. About 6 years ago we tried the Cairns S360 Structural, this helmet is light enough to wear all day. I know, it is not a 'sexy' Traditional, but it has kept me on the fireground working.

One of the Lightest Helmets Available


I needed a light weight helmet after an injury. Decided to try the Cairns 360S. It has provided 10 years of service. It is VERY light compared to the majority of the market. Recommend getting the Deluxe model for added durability of the suspension system & chinstrap slide. If you need light weight, this is an excellent option.


"Hi, I would like to renew my helmet and buy the reflective stickers. Sell the stickers for this helmet? or know where I can buy? Thanks, Diogo"

Everything you need can be found on our web site, helmet parts, and decals are there. here are the part numbers for your stickers/decals you can purchase them in a package of 8 or a sheet of 20; P/N RO83-L-8 $7.99 (8) P/N 23-652 $12.49 (20)

"I was told by an instructor that these helmets dont meet nfpa 1971 specs because they dont have a 6point suspension inside. Only a 4 point suspension. Can you clarify this as I have researched MSA and NFPA and cannot find this rule."

Hi Chief, I asked MSA directly about this. They told me there are no requirement in NFPA 1971 regarding suspension straps. They sent me a PDF copy of their certification letter for the helmet. I'll forward it to your e-mail address.

"I was told by an instructor that these helmets dont meet nfpa 1971 specs because they dont have a 6point suspension inside. Only a 4 point suspension. Can you clarify this as I have researched MSA and NFPA and cannot find this rule."

Chief we will send you a copy of the certification letter for the MSA/Cairns 360S helmet in a separate e mail

"In comparison to the 660C Metro, what is the difference in terms of height, length, and weight? As an EMT, I'm looking for the lightest and shortest between the two helmets."

The 360 Structural is 12-1/2"" in overall length, 9-1/2"" in width and 5.4"" deep in the crow section. It weighs approximately 42 ounces. The 660C Metro is 14"" in length and 11.13"" in width with a crown depth of 5.9"". It weighs approximately 45 ounces. Looking at the weight and sizes of these helmets and your application as an EMT either would work but ultimately it comes down to what feels comfortable on your head.