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CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioning

$83.59 - $88.99
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Created by a cop for cops, the CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioning System helps you stay dry and cool while on the job.

On a hot day, there's nothing more uncomfortable than having to wear a T-shirt soaked with sweat. Add a bullet proof vest, and no amount of air conditioning coming from your car vent is going to keep you cool and dry.

The CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioning System attaches to your vehicle's A/C vent and directs cool air behind your vest where you need it most. You stay cool, dry, energized and ready to beat the heat! In just minutes, between calls or while report writing, your T-shirt is as dry as it was in briefing!

CoolCop was invented and is owned and operated by a police officer in Northern California. CoolCop has sold in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, and Australia. CoolCop has been on ABC News and CNN and is used by officers every day to keep cool and comfortable while wearing their vests!

  • Simply hook up to a vehicle's air condition air vent and get instant relief from the heat
  • Directs cool air behind your vest where you need it most
  • Interchangeable between vehicles
  • Available in Universal, Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer (2013-2019), and Ford Taurus models
  • Please note that the Universal CoolCop does not fit 2014 Ford Explorers, it WILL fit the 2020 Ford Explorer

The Crown Victoria CoolCop model has a snap-in feature and fits all years of the Crown Victoria. To install, place the internal spring clip in the third opening from the bottom of the far right vent. Place both thumbs on the “CoolCop” logo plate and push firmly straight in until the clip catches on the edge inside the air vent. To remove, gently slide the cup one way or the other to release the clip. Fits all Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

The Universal CoolCop model installs using a variety of clips that screw to a base plate on the vent.  The Dash Cup is then screwed to the base plate with allen screws.  Apposing clips attach to the louvers or inside edges of the air vent.  The Universal model has been installed in the Tahoe, Impala, Caprice, 2011 Charger, 2011 Expedition, 2011 Explorer, and all years of the Crown Victoria, this universal unit will also fit the 2020 Ford Explorer.  The “Universal” will install in most other cars, trucks and SUV’s with some modifications or zip ties. The Universal Dash Cup measures 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.

The Universal model does not fit the new Ford Taurus Interceptor Sedan or the new Ford Explorer SUV.

Please visit the CoolK9 page for a video of the Universal installation.

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How to survive Florida heat 101


A must for have item for all patrol vehicles. Hydration is a must throughout the day but there is nothing like cool cop when your stuck in the heat. I don't know what took so long for me to get it.