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Council Halligan and Flat Head Axe Irons Set



Set of Irons Includes (1) HAL1P30 TD30 Halligan and (1) 32" Hickory Handle 60FMS32C Flat Head Axe

TD30 Tuned & Dressed 30” Halligan

Proudly made in the USA!

The new Council Tool TD30 Halligan is meant to be an improvement over their previous Halligan design, and is a quality tool that competes with the other industry leading Halligans.

The TD30 is drop-forged from a single piece of 4140, American sourced, high carbon tool steel, and is approximately 30” overall length. This special alloy steel Halligan is lighter and stronger than investment cast bars, and there are no welds, pins, fasteners, or cast parts.

The idea behind a “Tuned & Dressed” Halligan, comes from the fact that most firefighters are encouraged and often required, to maintain their own tools, and the tools of their fire department.

When a new Halligan is purchased, even the most popular models are adjusted to the preference of the firefighters, so that the tool can perform effectively and efficiently. The firefighters will often thin out the forks, create a convex edge on the fork ends and adze edge, creating a smooth transition from the bevels to the blade, which replaces the chisel grind found on many Halligans.

Most of those “adjustments”, are now part of Council Tools' new design and built into the forging dies. This means that they are forging a specialized Halligan that will be finished, and pre-“tuned and dresses”. Another part of the “dressing” process is to add impression/ground reference lines on the outer sides/edges of the forks and adze blade.

These reference lines allow the firefighter to know how far the tip of the fork tines, or the leading edge of the adze blade, has been driven into a door gap with an axe or sledge. The firefighter/first responder can then stop driving and adjust the tool to get around the backside of a door. The mid-fork depth line indicates the point on the forks, that allows for optimal mechanical advantage.

Other noticeable design elements are found in the adze head, blade, and forks. The 2” wide adze blade is offset, and flat on the opposite side of the pick. This flat side extending from the adze head, makes solid and continuous contact with the door/surface, and reduces the chance of rolling/slipping while gapping.

The top of the head and blade is flatter for making better contact when pounding on a door to test for soundness and locking/hinge points. It also makes a good target for the striker/axe. The adze blade has an overall 30” radial arc, which helps to guide the adze blade into a gap, while the tips of the forks (30” away), rest against the door/plane.

The forks are thinned to allow for less friction and more efficient wedging when gapping and forcing. The fork body has a built-in ramp-stop at the same position as the fork crotch, to prevent over-insertion while striking.

There is a gap between the fork ends for pulling “key-in-knob” bored locks.

The shoulders of the forks are squared off for a flat striking surface, and the outer flat side of the octagon/eight-sided bar is orientated to maximize the shoulder area.

A durable powder-coat finish is applied to make this tool stand out!

FE6 Forcible-Entry Flat-Head Fire Axe

The Council Tool Co. FE6 Forcible Entry Flat-Head fire axe is a simple tool, that has many advantages and design elements to improve performance and usability, while helping to reduce fatigue and injury.
The 6 lb. head is drop-forged out of 4140 High Carbon American tool steel, which matches the Council Tool Halligans. The FE6 is hung on either a 32” or 36” Hickory handle, or on a 34” Fiberglass/ composite handle.
The axe has a marrying slot built into the blade, that is designed to accept standard Halligan forks, to create a set of irons.
The tapered wedge shape of the axe blade allows it to be used as a starter wedge. This also helps to capture progress, while forcing a door.
The spine is continuous, so that the marrying slot does not become a sticking point when adjusting or removing the axe head, from the door gap.
The large poll on the back of the axe head creates a large striking surface when used in combination with Halligans, but can also be used to force doors, smash through roofing material, walls, auto-glass, or anytime some “persuasion” is needed to get the job done.
The extended poll also helps to counterbalance the head, so that the center of gravity is within the eye/handle area of the head. This balanced axe will lay flat in an open hand, which means that there is no blade drop or “flutter” when swinging it sideways. This helps with accuracy, efficiency, and reduces fatigue or injury.

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