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Bates Delta-8 Side Zip, 8" Tactical Boot with Individual Comfort System

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Set your own level of comfort and performance with Bates' tough, flexible Delta-8 Side Zip Tactical Boots.

Advanced leather and nylon boots let you select the level of comfort and performance you want. The midsole features a unique, adjustable disk that can be rotated to control firmness, cushioning, and inward or outward stability.
A heavy duty side zipper offers speed and convenience without sacrificing support. Tie your boots once; then just zip them on and off in seconds. Reinforced stabilizing ribs firmly connect the outsole and heel area to the laces for total foot control and support. All non-metallic components will pass through electronic security with ease.
Strong, durable, uppers of full grain leather and extra-heavy 1600 denier nylon, and Bates’ cement construction, combine to deliver maximum flexibility and comfort for long days on the job. The slip-resistant rubber outsoles have wide-spread raised edges with aggressive lugs to provide more stability, better balance, and traction on almost any surface or terrain.
These uniquely comfortable, customizable boots are going to prove popular for most law enforcement and tactical operations, corrections and security, fire and EMS station wear, and utility uses of all kinds.

  • A durable, stable, tactical boot with a true breakthrough in comfort and support technology
  • Individually adjustable to support the individual way you walk, run, and use your boots
  • Full grain leather and extra-heavy 1600 denier Nylon uppers keep their shape longer, yet stay flexible
  • Built on a hiking boot last for a snug fit, better control of your stride, and comfort over a long, active day
  • Aggressive, wide-lugged, slip-resistant rubber outsole provides superior traction and stability


  • Heavy duty side zipper for speed and convenience. Tie them once. Zip them on and off.
  • Cement construction allows more flexibility and reduces weight
  • Non metallic components make passing through electronic security effortless
  • ICS Delta Outsoles-slip-resistant rubber includes wide-spread raised edges and aggressive lugs and provides excellent stability, balance, and traction on almost any surface or terrain


  • Gender: Men's
  • Height: 8 "
  • Color: Black
  • Uppers: Full-grain Leather &1600 D Nylon
  • Outsole: ICS Delta Outsole; Slip-resistant rubber, meets SATRA WTM 144
  • Construction: Cement
  • Toe: Soft
  • Waterproof: No
  • Stealth: Yes (metal free)
  • Weight (Pair, size 8M): 3.4 lbs.

Bates' Individual Comfort System technology is a breakthrough in personalized comfort and support.

Variable comfort zones in the new Delta Tactical Boot give each wearer the ability to individually customize his boots for a level, more stable, better-balanced walk. A unique removable cushioning disc in the midsole can be rotated through four different zones to control inward or outward stability, along with the amount and distribution of firmness or cushioning. Because they can help correct for personal differences in your stride, and the ways you use your feet, Delta Tactical Boots can help alleviate some back and hip pain, and reduce fatigue that comes with long, active days on your feet. Bates Individual Comfort System gives you the freedom to choose the setting that’s right for YOU.
TheFireStore TIPS Get the right size…right out of the box.

The Bates Delta boot is built on a hiking boot last. Compared to most work footwear, real hiking boots provide a more snug fit and better control over your stride. In general, you should order the same size as your favorite hiking boots. But here are a few simple tips to ensure the size you pick gives you the fit you expect.
  • Measure both feet. If one foot is slightly larger than the other, select a size that fits the larger of the two. Whenever possible have your feet measured with a Brannock device by a shoe care professional. This is the most accurate method for determining your shoe size and width.
  • Try them out indoors. When you receive your boots, we recommend first wearing them indoors on carpeting or clean floors for a few hours to ensure they're the right size. That will make it easier for us to accept a return if they don’t fit as you expect.
Bates offers a few additional suggestions to help you make sure your new boots fit correctly before you wear them on the job.
  • Properly fit Bates shoes and boots will be comfortable to wear right out of the box; they don't need to be "broken in."
  • Try your new boots on over the correct sock combination without tying the laces. Stand and push your toes forward so they touch the front of the boot. You should be able to slip one finger into the space behind your heel. If there isn't enough room, the boot is probably too small and you should consider the next half-size larger.
  • Tap your heel back in the heel cup and lace the boot. The boot should feel snug across the ball, around the instep, and in the heel. The arch should be comfortably supported and the toes should be free to wiggle and curl.
  • The toes should not jam into the front of the boot. Check this by lightly tapping the toe of the boot into the floor. If the boot fits correctly, the toes should gently touch the end of the boot.

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I got these boots as a gift for Christmas and I absolutely love them. Had a pair of Thorogood boots but they wore out in less than 6 months. I will gladly buy another pair any day.