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ESS Structural Goggle NFPA 1971, Innerzone 3, with Modified Strap

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Designed specifically to work with Morning Pride Ben 2 Plus and Lite Force Plus Helmets!
The Innerzone Series of NFPA-compliant firefighting goggles is used by the world's most elite firefighting teams. This series is designed to withstand the rigors of structural firefighting, while offering the highest levels of protection and safey available. Certified by independent test labs to meet or exceed all the standards associated with NFPA 1971-2000, including the 500°F 5-minute oven test.

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"Will these fit over regular prescription eyeglasses if not which goggles will work for such?"

ESS cut sheets say "" ROOMY FRAME FITS OVER MOST PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR"" Hope this is answer you were looking for.

"Does this have anything to attach it to helmet so it doesn't fall off?"

The NFPA-compliant Innerzone 3 features a wrap-around strap that secures to the helmet with two Velcro tabs.

"Will these work ok with wildland helmets too? Would like to be interchangable between morning pride helmet and my wildland helmet. If so, are extra velcro tabs available?"

We would like to tell you yes they would but we can't, because we don't know. They might work great and then they might not. We can't find any information that says one way or the other, it's going to be your call