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Fire Cloak XL E.V. Fire Blanket



Description: Introducing the Fire Cloak™ XL, a groundbreaking solution designed to address the safety needs of SUVs and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) during emergencies. Developed in response to customer demand following the success of the EV Car Fire Blanket, this XL version offers unparalleled protection and ease of deployment.


  • Expanded Coverage: With dimensions of 12 meters by 9 meters (40 feet by 30 feet), this XL Fire Cloak™ offers extensive coverage suitable for large pick-ups, SUVs, and LCVs.
  • Lightweight Material: Constructed from a slightly lighter material compared to standard fire blankets, ensuring easier deployment without compromising on safety.
  • Class 0 Fire Resistance Rating: The Fire Cloak™ XL boasts the prestigious Class 0 fire resistance rating, making it the only blanket in the world to achieve this classification.
  • Versatile Application: Designed specifically for SUVs and LCVs, providing essential protection during fire emergencies.


  • Unmatched Safety: Offers superior fire protection for large vehicles, ensuring the safety of occupants and responders in emergency situations.
  • Ease of Deployment: Lightweight construction facilitates quick and effortless deployment, crucial during high-stress scenarios.
  • World-Class Certification: Certified with a Class 0 fire resistance rating, demonstrating the highest level of fire safety standards in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ideal for covering all large pick-ups, SUVs, and LCVs, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners and emergency responders alike.

Order Now: Secure your Fire Cloak™ XL today and elevate the safety standards for SUVs and LCVs in your fleet. Contact us to learn more about this revolutionary fire protection solution.

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