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Fire Hooks Unlimited New York Roof Hook

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New York Roof Hook

Developed with the FDNY Research and Development Division. The all-purpose head, aircraft steel, chisel end and celtex grip make up the New York Roof Hook. The chisel end is used as a prying tool for scuttle hatches and roof doors.

The short lengths are for going up fire escapes and scuttles to the roof. Accept only aircraft steel for a lightweight but strong tool.

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Awesome tool.


Very well constructed tool. i bought a 6 foot pole, due to im 6'3. Around my area ceiling height is around 10-12 feet. So i didnt want something that was taller than me, and wouldnt fit through a door standing up. I hate the long thick grip on the tool, way to much padding. I ended up cutting it all off and hockey taping it like most tools. Feels way better! Other than that! Awesome tool. Also it is wrapped with foxfire tape!

Great product. Not so great turn around.


See service comments.


"What is the difference between the Leather Heads and Fire Hooks Unlimited NY roof hooks in 6 foot lenght??"

The Leatherhead hook you have a choice of 2 different power coated colors, yellow or black, the black has the insulating foam rubber, yellow doesn't, and they also offered the 2 inch carrying shoulder strap with swivel spring clips The Fire Hooks is black with the foam on the pole also, but comes in only black, no yellow, both claim to be light weight, but don't list actual weight.

"how much does the 3 ft hook weigh?"

About 5 lbs.

"I'm looking for a six foot hook with prying end to increase leverage while using the irons. I am in need with a unit that is of single piece construction, not one that is a shaft with tips that were separately made and then added to the shaft in some fashion. Does this tool fit this description or does anyone know of one that does? Thanks"

What's wrong with the Fire Hooks 6' roof hook? Should be the tool you are looking for.

"What is the difference between the Leather Heads and Fire Hooks Unlimited NY roof hooks in 6 foot lenght??"

I bought the 6' leather head hook and it weighs around 10.5lbs. now looking for the Fire Hooks Unlimited hook, which weighs and est 5.5 lbs. The leather head hook is a good tool, but heavy. CR

"Is this tool one solid piece of metal? Why should I purchase Fire Hooks Unlimited 6ft Hook over Leatherheads? What is the difference other than the color and strap attachment? Is there a weight difference?"

Answered this alreally

"Is this product made in the USA?"

Yes, Firehooks Unlimited, Wall Twp N.J.

"I am looking to get a few of these for my department and I wanted to know if the tool can also be used for prying as well as a push pull tool."

This tool can be used for prying. We would suggest that you purchase it with the chisel end if that is a function you want it to be able to do.

"Is this product made in the USA?"