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Globe Structural-Proximity, 14" Leather Pull-On Boot, NFPA 1971, 1992

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Multi certified NFPA 1971 for proximity & structural fire fighting, plus NFPA 1992 for liquid splash. Say goodbye to stiff, heavy, rubber proximity boots forever!

Advanced composites, extreme thermal protection, and super-comfortable cement construction. These extraordinary new Proximity-rated Structural Fire Fighting boots are specially designed and certified to provide the highest levels of thermal protection for the most extreme structural firefighting situations. But that's not where their advantages end. These superbly engineered boots deliver all the flexibility, comfort, and state-of-the-art performance firefighters have come to expect of Globe-ever since the Glove Magnum Structural Boot started the comfort revolution in firefighting footwear. Dual Certified to meet NFPA 1971 for Proximity & Structural Fire Fighting; and NFPA 1992 for protection against Liquid Splash.
  • Advanced thermal performance & protection with the comfort of a sneaker-for the hottest position on the fireline
  • Heavy-duty FIRESTORM™ Leather upper with Globe flex instep & full-height Aluminized Shield Outer Liner
  • Breathable multi-layer Bootie-Shield Inner Liner & Liquid Barrier protect against extreme heat, chemicals, and other dangerous fluids
  • Soft roll-padded leather collar and reinforced pull straps for long-lasting comfort and speed
  • Super strong cement construction with Globe's molded and contoured outsoles combine athletic shoe support and flexibility, with exceptional traction under all temperatures and conditions.
  • Advanced composites in toe and shank provide effective protection without the weight or conductivity of steel

Globe knows physiology & protection. You know comfort. This is where they meet. Adequate protection is a requirement-comfort isn't. But anyone who's ever had to keep low while approaching a potentially explosive blaze, scale a 40 ft. ladder, ventilate a roof, or climb through a narrow window in full turnout gear understands the importance of flexibility. Wearing stiff boots can only hinder performance. But if your "protective" boots make your feet ache, let your ankles turn, or simply slow you down, you can't possibly perform at your peak. Feet are meant to bend. Globe designed their exceptional Structural Series Fire Boots to bend along with you as they provide the most advanced protection and support possible. Quite simply, they're made to help you do your job easier. From pulling on them on in a big hurry with the reinforced leather pull straps, keeping you mobile through all that stands in your way, to doffing them easily when the job is done. Unique design features, advanced materials, and uncompromising construction make these exceptional Globe boots a very comfortable part of you.


Top Reasons Globe FootGear Boots are Better 

SEE HOW GLOBE PUTS IT ALL TOGETHER in the world's first leather proximity boot, the most comfortable proximity boot ever.

Heavy-duty, flame-resistant, and waterproof full-grain cattle hide leather measuring 2.0-2.2mm of thickness for durable tear and puncture resistance. Tumbled full-grain cattle hide leather in collar and flex areas for mobility.

Aluminized Shield Liner
A full-height shield liner is situated between the leather outer shell and the bootie shield liner layers. The liner is made from Aluminized PBI® fabric consisting of a knit fabric substrate laminated with aluminized reflective silver film component certified to NFPA 1971.

Bootie-Shield Liner
Two full-height layers of a protective bootie-shield are positioned between the aluminized shield and the barrier bootie to provide additional thermal protection.

Enhanced ePTFE Barrier Bootie
A full-height bootie liner made from a package of Cambrelle®, 300g insulation, and enhanced ePTFE barrier provides liquid and chemical protection as defined by the specified NFPA standards.

Cement Construction
Contoured outsoles are cement bonded to the bottom and sides of the upper using a 2-part linking adhesive that forms a bond stronger than the materials it attaches. Without stiff welts and ribbed mid-soles, this attachment process is far more flexible.

VIBRAM® Synthetic Rubber Contoured Cup Outsole
Molded outsole wraps onto the leather upper for athletic shoe performance. Flame, abrasion, oil, acid, and slip resistant compound engineered for high-traction and durability even during prolonged exposure to the extremes of heat and cold. Siping lines cut into flat areas open up when flexed to provide additional traction on water and ice. Self-cleaning lugs and omni-direction tread pattern designed for superior performance in all terrains and when working on ladders.

LENZI® Puncture Protection
High-performance composite penetration-resistant insole is made from multiple layers of HT ceramic material - like ballistic armor for your feet. Far more flexible than a steel plate and doesn't transmit heat or cold. Exceeds NFPA standards for safety.

3D Composite Lasting Board
Boot uppers are lasted to a molded and countoured lasting board with a built-in flex zone in the forefoot and a torsionally stable heel. Works together with the 3D molded footbed to conform to the shape of your foot.

Composite Shank
Lighter than steel, doesn't transmit heat or cold, and springs back to shape better.

Composite Safety Toe Cap
Lighter than steel, doesn't transmit heat or cold, and exceeds NFPA standards for safety.

Molded Heel Counter
A rugged heel counter is individually molded to fit each size perfectly.

3D Molded Shin Guard
Molded and padded shin guard provides extra protection when you are working on a ladder.

Toe Bumper
Made from the same rugged compound as the outsole for abrasion resistance when crawling. Cemented and 2-needle stitched to the vamp.

3M SCOTCHLITE™ Reflective material
Flame-resistant reflective material for added visibility.

Leather Pull-Straps
Pull-straps are internally reinforced for added strength and to keep them upright. Straps are securely box and cross stitched to keep them on for good.

Internal Fit System
Anatomical foam insert holds your heel securely so it won't slip while cushioning your ankle.

3D Molded Footbed
Removable footbed is contoured to cradle and cushion the bottom of your foot and to provide arch support. Moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric top layer.

Custom Fit System
A second removable footbed is provided with every pair for a custom fit. Use the thicker footbed for a snugger fit or when wearing with lighter socks.


Men's Sizes: 5-12.5 (full & half sizes), 13-17 (full sizes)

Please Note: Wide Calf style boots are custom and made to order. Please expect approx. 4 weeks for delivery. These are non-returnable, so please choose your sizing carefully.

Custom boots are available within these size ranges. Please contact TheFireStore for details at 800 852-6088.

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"What is the different in FOOTWEAR WIDTH size. what do the letters stand for."

Your foot width varies for each person, some have a narrow width and you usually find this in a petite person, next is a medium width which will include about 70% of the people in the world (I might be off on my % here) then you have a wide width, and then you have your X wide. A medium is usually I'd with the letter ""D"", a wide foot use's a ""E"" and X Wide use's a EEE. Hope this answers your question

"How should I size these boots to fit my feet, should I purchase a size larger, a size wider, a size smaller? Ive typically head to purchase a size larger. Any suggestions? I normally wear Thorogoods size 12 medium. Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon."

Without being able to size you in different sizes of boots we wouldn't be able to determine the size you need. Your best option would be to order the size you normally wear and if it doesn't fit exchange it for a different size.