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JYD Industries ZStrut, Pinless Vehicle Rescue Struts

$3,212.06 - $6,832.92
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A new twist on the Junkyard Dog makes vehicle stabilization faster and easier than ever.

The JYD Industries ZStrut system replaces the pin-placement system used in XTend rescue struts with a proprietary quick-locking collar that makes it easier than ever to meet all your stabilization needs.

Forget cumbersome, complicated, cribbing. JYD Industries Vehicle Rescue Struts have proven, over and over, that in vehicle rescue situations when time is critical, less equipment definitely does do more. These simple, self-contained, lightweight rescue struts work on the "tension buttress" principal for quick and secure deployment. They can allow even a single firefighter to stabilize a vehicle faster, better, and often far more easily than a team of rescuers with a truck-full of cribbing and connectors. JYD Industries strut systems come in two adjustable sizes.

  • Less equipment does more work
  • One rescuer can carry two complete struts
  • Struts are easily applied by one rescuer
  • Lower cost than many alternative systems
  • Lighter, more compact design
  • Replaces quantities of cumbersome wood cribbing
  • All accessories are attached to the strut

No Adjustment Pin Needed. ZStrut locks with a twist. Simply pull up on the head, and the threaded rod “zips” out of the square tube. When you stop pulling, it automatically locks in place. If you require incremental adjustments in height or tension, simply rotate the collar and the threaded rod moves accordingly. To retract the extension, just pull the collar up— the threaded rod is released and can be dropped back into the outer tube. It doesn’t get any easier. And it doesn’t sacrifice any strength.

Tough as a…Junkyard Dog.Constructed of 14-gauge solid wall steel, using top quality locking "T" pins and Simpson ratchet and axle straps, both EXtend and Zstrut systems are engineered to handle the most difficult situations. They’ll effectively accommodate conventional and ultra modern vehicle construction features. Each Rescue Strut is powder-coated for an enduring finish, is independently column tested to 10,000 lbs., and comes with a durable accessory pouch designed to be attached right to the strut for the ultimate convenience.

The new Zstrut system increases the usable length of the inner telescoping bar, and permits infinite adjustment for maximum stability. Longer reach and improved stabilization make Junkyard Dog Vehicle Rescue Struts, even better. Additional refinements to the proven JYD Industries Rescue Strut improve the diversity of a system that has already saved countless lives.

  • With the anchor clevis moved lower on the body at the base attachment, the base will not lift when tensioning with the ratchet and strap, yet the downward force remains unchanged.
  • Because the lower clevis keeps the strap(s) at ground level, it also reduces possible trip or snag hazards.
  • A larger clevis opening makes it easier to attach two ratchet devices; allows the snap hook and strap to be passed through for triangulations or double-back purposes.

The small, 24-lb. model strut reaches from 27” to a maximum extension of 42”. The medium 29-lb. model strut reaches from 39” to a maximum extension of 64”.The large extends from 51” to a full extension of 81”, yet weights just 32 lb. They are designed to be used in pairs and are sold in sets of two of the same size with standard accessories. Or you can order a complete Combo which includes two large and two small struts…and be ready to handle practically anything.


  • Sand blasted 14-gauge steel
  • 2 Layers of red powder coating for exceptional durability
  • Black Rhino coated base and picket for better wear and grip
  • Welded carry handle for easy secure transport
  • Accessory pouch attaches to strut; keeps everything you need together and instantly accessible

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ZStrutPinless Rescue Strut Set

  • Large strut extends from 51” to a full extension of 81”, weighs 32 lbs.
  • Medium strutextends from 39" to 64", weighs 29 lbs.
  • Small strut extends from 27" to 42", weighs 24 lbs.
Set Includes:
  • 2 Rescue ZSTRUTS™ 
  • Standard red color (Custom colors available)  
  • 2 Witches hat point heads 
  • 2 90 degree heads 
  • 2 Accessory pouches 
  • 2 Pickets 
  • 2 Simpson ratchet straps 
  • 2 Simpson axle straps

ZStrutCombo System
Includes 2 Large Pinless Rescue Struts(Model #JYD-ZRS-N) and 2 Small Model Pinless Rescue Struts

Order the complete Combo System (JYD-ZRS-SYS) which includes two struts of each size (Large and Small)…and be ready to handle practically anything. JYD Industries rescue struts are engineered to allow deployment in a wide range of configurations—to stabilize vehicles of all types, in virtually any situation.

Set Includes:
  • 2 Large Rescue ZSTRUTS™ & 2 Small Rescue ZSTRUTS™
  • Standard red color (Custom colors available) 
  • 4 Witches hat point heads 
  • 4 90 degree heads 
  • 4 Accessory pouches 
  • 4 Pickets 
  • 4 Simpson ratchet straps 
  • 4 Simpson axle straps  
Spare and Replacement Parts for JYD Industries Strut Systems are available for all XTend and ZStrut Rescue Strut Systems. Call 800-852-6088 for information and prices.


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