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Pro Warrington 3003, 8" Wildland/Station Boot, NFPA 1977

$438.99 - $751.59
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PRO Model 3003 is an extremely lightweight, comfortable 8" Wildland and Station Boot.

Its oblique toe, genuine side slop seam configurations, Cambrelle lining, and stitched-down sole couple with Military AB leather put this water-resistant boot in a class of their own. The unique design makes the PRO 3003 the perfect boot for station/duty use. NFPA Certified 1977 Wildland.

  • Military AB leather for outstanding durability, breathability and comfort.
  • Oblique shaped steel toe for added protection and comfort.
  • Stitched-down sole.
  • Abrasion and bacteria resistant Cambrelle lining.
  • Foam filled comfort collar that will not chafe.
  • Dual function closure system for enhanced ankle support and fit plus zipper for rapid donning and doffing.
  • Thermoplastic backpart molded heel counter ensures superior comfort, fit and durability. Will not lose shape if exposed to moisture.
  • Full wraparound Goodyear welt- Adds support, reduces fatigue and ankle sprains/strains. Welted construction retains its shape over the life of the boot so you keep that great fit.
  • Triple linear ridge shank for increased arch support and puncture resistant steel bottom plate.
  • Vibram Technical Lug non-marking outsole, combined with special fire retardant NFPA compound, for improved traction and durability.
Note: NFPA Certified 1977 Wildland

Ratings & Reviews

18 reviews

Excellent boots


Excellent boots, this are my seconf pair with the first still usable and 5+ years old. The only downfall is they are not offered in Crosstec or Goretex which would enhance their performance.

Nice boots





Great boots, good price. Fast delivery

High quality boot made to last


Couldn't ask for a better boot to wear around the station. My feet never get sore or become fatiqued while wearing these and they're built to hold up over time. I have never sealed the leather on these boots and unless there's a formal event I rarely ever polish them and my current pair has lasted me 6 years. I even began purchasing the 3003 boots as station boots for the other guys and haven't heard a complaint yet.

Pro Warrington 3003


Great quality boots

So far a good boot


So far I think it's a very good boot. Pros: durable, comfortable, waterproof/resistant, vibram sole, clean up well Cons: pricey, a little heavy/bulkey

Great boots!!


Station boots, fit true to size.

Best Station Boot I've Ever Worn!


Throughout my time in the fire service, I've gone through many pairs of boots and have never really been happy with any of them. I was in the market for a new pair right about the time my department issued us Pro Warrington 5006 structure boots. I fell in love with the structure boots so I wanted to through my business at Pro Warrington for station boots as well. I had been fitted for structure boots so I ordered the station boots the same size and width the Pro Warrington rep recommended. They fit perfectly. The boots have a classic look to them which is definitely to my liking. I've never been a big fan of any of the ""newer"" boots that look like sneakers... just me trying to keep the tradition alive. These 3003's shine up very well and have been very durable. The zipper is smooth and holds tight throughout the day. They are comfortable the moment you try them on and just keep getting better from there as you break them in. The soles provide plenty of grip and everything about this boot seems very high quality. My only complaint with the 3003's is that there is no toe-cap although the toe is reinforced. Previous models from Pro Warrington (ex: 3005) have had a protective layer of ""non-scuff"" leather over the toe in addition to reinforcement. All this means is that the toe on the 3003's can get scuffed a bit easier. As long as you polish your boots regularly and take care of them, they will last a very long time. In my personal opinion, you won't find a better pair of station boots on the market today.

Comfortable Boot


Comfortable. Easy on. Easy off. I may buy some thicker laces, the ones that come with the boots are stiff and difficult to deal with, even with the zippers.

Outstanding Boot


This has been an outstanding boot. Great multi purpose use including wildland, station boot and every day wear. I really like the fact that the boot holds up really well.

Excellent Boot! About to buy my 3rd pair


Absolutely the best pair of boots Ive ever worn on-duty. Have been on the job for 6 years, and am about to purchase my third pair of these boots. After I retire them, they become my wildland boots for 2 more years. Excellent choice if your looking to buy duty boots.

Best boots out there


I have been in the fire service going on 18 years. I was lucky enough to buy a pair of these early in my career. I love these boots. I have tried others to include the Australian fire boots and those are good as well but not for wildland fires! But the pro warringtons are great for everything. The toe does tend to scuff easily but polish them up and they are good as new.

The best boot I have ever owned


These are by far the best boots I have ever owned. Not just for firefighting, but ever. A little stiff at first but break in nice and fit like a glove. I am 6 ft., 165 lbs. and I ordered a size 10D and they fit great. Get a pair of Thorlo military boot socks with these and you will be in heaven. I tried the Magnum stealth pro waterproof boots at first to go the ""cheap"" route, what a mistake. I should have shelled out the money for these in the first place. Don't waste time with other boots, these are the answer.

Great duty boots


Great pair of boots, my second set of these boots. Very durable and easy to don and doff. Can be a little hot during the summer but the extra protection is worth it.

Best boots ever!


These boots fit true to size! They are super comfy once broken in (it took a couple of days on shift to break them in) they are rugged and will last long.

A little disappointed


Definitely a little disappointed about these boots. After reading all of the positive reviews regarding these boots I was really excited to purchase them. After recieving them, instead of being met with complete comfort like most reviews said it was going to be, I was met with extreme pain and discomfort, to the point they are almost unwearable. The size is good, but it's the heel of the boot that kills my feet. I'm not 100% sure as to what is causing the pain, but one boot feels great and the other is a nightmare. I started off by wearing insoles in the boots, but I've had to take those out. That has helped a little but still not 100%. These boots are great to look at, I've gotten lots of complements about them so far, but at the moment they aren't great for wearing. I'm really hoping that by pushing through the pain the boots will break in a bit and make them more comfortable.

Great Work Boot!


I bought these around February 2018 and they've been my only work boot since. I use them pretty heavily. I used them for about 6 months teaching at the fire academy. Long hours on my feet and lots of walking and climbing, you get the point. I've also used these in the field, easy to don and doff with the zipper (good quality zip). These don't have good ventilation, especially if you keep them zipped up. In the summer I'd keep the zipper all the way down and they were ok. The leather is really good quality. The heal tab is still very study and the stitching is really strong. My feet feel great considering the amount of use. I don't even have insoles. Keep a nice coat of polish to keep them sealed up and you're good to go. These are pricey, but they're worth it.

These are the best boots I have ever bought!


I use these boots everyday that I'm on duty and they make everything easier