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Propper Tactical Nylon Duty Belt

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Suited for on or off duty use, the PROPPER Nylon Duty Belt is designed to provide utility in any environment.

The molded belt buckle allows for easy adjustments yet holds tight when loaded down. Heavy duty 1.5 inch wide nylon can withstand constant and long term use.

  • Heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Features PROPPER name and logo on the belt buckle
  • Belt width:1.5 inches

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"What is the total length of any size. I buy a 34"" waist and want the right size belt."

Ted, what would you bye if you were buying a new belt at a clothing store? that's what we suggest you do, if in doubt go with the next size belt.

"Can the Popper belt be trimmed so it is not so long?"

Hi Bill, never been told that it couldn't be done, I have done this to my belt, took a pair of EMS scissors cut it to the length I wanted, then I took igniter you use to start your LP gas grill, smoothed and rounded the rough cut edges melted it so it wouldn't start to shed, cut the edges with a sharp knife so they would fit the buckle nicely, and your In business.

"What is the Height measurement of the Belt (top to Bottom), meaning can it full in most of my pants Belt loop with on average being at least about 1-1/2"" from top to bottom."

Heavy duty 1.5 inch wide nylon can withstand constant and long term use. -Belt width - 1.5 inches All of this can be found on our web page, we copied it here for you.