Streamlight Deluxe Rubber Helmet Strap



This rubber Streamlight Helmet Band is designed to hold up to two flashlights on the left and/or right side of any style helmet.

The flexible band can also be used to hold other common accessories to your helmet such as door chocks, folding spanners, etc.

Note: Helmet and flashlight not included

Exactly what I ordered


Used with Phenix structure helmet

Very Durable


I use this both at my career and volunteer departments, and they have held up to the test after a year of use. I do not use it to hold any lights, as I have a brim-mount helmet light, however I use it to hold several wedges. With other helmet bands, I tend to notice tearing and stretch marks, which lead to full failures, however I have yet to notice any on mine. It also helps that the flashlight holes can be used as a reference to make sure the band is evenly stretched out.

great product, great price


This band is a great price and works extremely well. It was easy to install and apply my flashlight to. I chose this to hold my flashlight rather than buying a mounting bracket to avoid the bulkiness of a mount. I recommend this band to any firefighter looking for hands free lighting.

Works great until you need it


This product works great outside on the fireground, and for other non-fire work. If you see any kind of heat, it will fail quickly.

Great for the price


Ive had it for a year and so far its holding up well. Works great for training at night and pretty much whenever you need some light. Its been in a burn room a couple of times and seen a few car fires and hasnt failed yet. Noticed it got a little sticky but didnt fail.

So far so good.


Hard to get on your helmet, but once I got it on, I haven't had a problem with it.

Custom Fitted


I like the strap to hold my Light & Chocks. I like it better than cutting up a tire tube. My last one broke in a structure fire and I almost have lost my $100 flashlight with it. It may have been dry rotted and I didn't notice. But I bought a couple of backups and I inspect it every shift for rips.

Streamlight Helmet Band


this rubber strap is junk it broke in less than 2months of use :( ;

This band is great


I've used this band for about 3 months now, and I love it. I've yet to go interior with it, but I'm more than confident that it will hold up.

The best solution is the simplest one.


I have used these bands on several different helmets in a couple of different departments, and they're the best solution I've found for helmet mounted lighting. They work well on traditional and modern helmets, and allow you to hold any kind of small flashlight you like plus all of the wedges, pens, punches, and other junk people seem like to keep up there. They're also much more low-profile and snag resistant than any of the brim-mounted lights I've seen. The only downside is that they don't really work with a faceshield. As for the folks who say they fail in the heat, mine stand up to a pretty regular shift of firefighting and rescue work and have never let me down. They do wear out after a few years depending on use though (it is just a heavy rubber band after all). My advice is to just buy a couple of them. I usually buy three or four so that I'd have extras, but my partners always buy them off me.

Can't handle heat


Great for holding flashlight . But it failed and popped in half when worn in class a training burn. I recommend using it for fire ground evolutions , and vehicle crashes . Not interior attack if suspected high heat.

Helmet band


I tried putting it in my helmet, it tore some, as I tried to put a pin in it, it made a big hole.

Affordable, lightweight, works great.


Simple, cheap, versatile. Holds almost anything you want to the helmet. I have several FF jobs and use this on all my helmets with a streamlight flashlight.

Good till you hit any heat


Was great until we went into the burn building. I didn't see a temp rating on this when I bought it, but anytime anyone in our crew went in a room at 700+ degrees the bands popped, so that's 4 bands down on our crew, while the old school inner tube ones were fine. I guess if you don't see fire or your fires are cooler then it's great, the second it gets hot we were yardsaleing all over the place.

Can't take the heat


I noticed after a fire the band got brittle, and had cracks in it. I should have shucked it right then. The next time it got hot it broke right at the seam. I thought it was just a bad seam, maybe too tight on my helmet so I sandwiched the ends under my shield. Next fire it busted again. It's just not up to the task. Might be good for wild land firefighting.