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Tempest Technology Ventmaster Upgrade Kit, 20" Cobalt Bar

$543.59 - $666.39
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Turn your saw into a mean cutting machine!

The easy and convenient way to upgrade you current saw into a heavy-duty fire/rescue chain saw.

Complete kit includes:
  • KIS-40 Adjustable Depth Gauge/Guard
    The Tempest KIS-40 provides maximum safety for roof ventilation. It can be installed, adjusted from 1/2" to 6" depth or removed in just seconds. Allows smoother, faster cuts without "rolling rafters." The unique KIS-40 design won't trap debris and heat. Helps prevent kickback.
  • .404 Raptor Chain
    An open double-raker design, heavy tie straps, drive links and rivets ensure longer cutter life and more reliability. The Raptor Carbide Chain cuts faster, longer, cooler and meets all ANSI safety tests. Made in U.S.A.
  • Sprocket Nose
  • 20" High Alloy Guide Bar
    Designed for "plunge cuts" and maximum carbide chain performance. The bar has a precision-milled guide groove, hardened rails and totally integrated sealed nose bearings. Slotted to accommodated KIS-40 Depth Gauge.
  • Rim Sprocket
    Self-cleaning, heavy-duty drive sprocket. Required for Raptor Chain unless your saw now runs .404 pitch, .063 gauge chain and bar. Specify make, model number and bar length of your saw when ordering. Order guide bar above if necessary.
Note: The Ventmaster Upgrade Kit is available with or without the Depth Gauge.

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