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TheFireStore Exclusive Reflective Triple Trim Helmet Tetrahedron

$3.99 - $10.99
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Just more Triple Trim tets for your helmet? Guess again!

Black reflective by day, but when direct light hits these tets in darkness, the silver and yellow or orange light up for brilliant and safe reflective visibility. This is the hottest new decal rage only from TheFireStore! Replace those old tetrahedrons with the best color on black decal technology. A great gift idea and stocking stuffer! Buy in 8 pack or singles.

NOT as describen=d


Tets are more lime green than yellow. Reflective material not that great. Would not recommend.

Great Concept But Poor Design


The idea behind this is great, however these do not reflect very well even when illuminated by direct light. I bought three different variations and blue (item W-HT-077) performed the best. The other colors had a washed out/faded appearance.

look great


Bought these to complete the entire blacked out look of the helmet they look great on the helmet. Not as reflective as I had hoped but they look great when direct light hits them.

Not what I suspected


These Tets look olib drab on a black helmet, and the lime yellow looks orange when reflecting.

Orange looks good, yellow not so much.


The Orange color looks really good but recently I switched agencies and was looking to go with the blacked out look. From distances of over 5ft the decals apppear orange and only up close appear yellow. I was hoping the yellow would look as good as the orange did however I was sadly dissapointed.

Entirely too dark to be effective


I returned them. Still waiting on my refund

Yellow and Reflective


Have used these tetra's on several helmets will great results. The helmets have seen some significant fire and held up very well


"Are these nfpa approved?"

I don't think so,

"How many comes in a Quantity of one? Is it multiple or just one single tetrahedron?"

This item is sold as a signal Tetrahedron or a strip of 8 Tetrahedrons,