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TheFireStore Front Mounting Screws For M12 & M16 Shield Bracket

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Front Mounting Screws For M12 & M16 Shield Bracket

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Lack of Customer Service


Ordered a shield for a young man battling a terminal disease. I mentioned this to the woman who took the order and due to crunch on time, she informed me that for an additional charge the shield could be expedited. Letters on shield also are stick on's versus stitched. Disappointing with regards to the change in the shield and the additional charges for this unique situation (hence, lack of human compassion and assistance).


"can I use them on my Bullard mod UST for the leather front"

Dustin, they are for the Cairns/MSA helmets, the Bullard front holder is part of the eagle, where the M12 and M16 brackets are built different. they might work and then again they might night, it's your call.

"Will these work with the cairns chrome acorn nuts?"

Hi John, sorry these screws are for the model 1010, 1044, and any of the model helmets that have the bracket attached to the helmet. The acorn nuts are used for the leather helmets with the 2 studs sticking out the front.

"Will these work on cairns metro 660c?"

Yes, IF YOU HAVE THE M12 BRACKET, otherwise no. they will also work on the M16 bracket on the 1000,1010,1044, and 880 model helmets

"are these to be used to replace the screws that mount the defender shield bracket"

These screws can be used on the M16 shield mounting bracket. The M16 bracket fits 1010, 1044 and 880 helmets. If you have one of these helmets and are looking for the screws for that shield bracket they will work.