Safer Search Device Complete Kit - Rope, Bag, 1 SSD, 2 Taglines



Uniquely designed to make large, difficult area searches safer, easier, and more manageable...for all firefighters.

Lost and don’t know which way to go? As visibility drops to near zero, have you ever asked yourself: "How far have I gone? How far is it to get out?” Or, "Is this the right direction?" Ever had to remove your gloves to tie an overhand knot? These are things of the past—when your team leader is carrying the new Safer Search Device System from Fire Research Corp. 
  • Convenient to carry; simple to deploy
  • Provides a secure, easily followed path in and out
  • Improves search accountability for team members
  • Anodized aluminum Safer Search Device (SSD) slides along the rope and automatically locks every 25ft.
  • Complete with stuff bag, 200 ft. search rope, markers, 2 tag lines, and fast-action auto-locking carabiners
An innovative search line system. Locking markers show distance, direction, and position along the line. It’s uniquely engineered and carefully configured to get you through the most difficult conditions. The Safer Search Device System makes conducting team searches easier—and far safer—even when building construction, layout, or inherent hazards take you beyond the scope of ordinary search techniques. The kit’s 200 ft. of PMI Rapid Search Line II is highly-visible and easy to grip, even with gloved hands. But this system is much more than just a good rope. Every 25 feet, specially designed aluminum markers are set in a pattern that tells direction of travel, distance from the egress, and position along the line. The sliding Safer Search Device (SSD) can be moved along the rope in either direction until it reaches one of the tapered Lock/Direction Markers and automatically locks into place—reminding the firefighter to stop, assess conditions, communicate findings, and feel for the distance-indicating markers set at either side. A simple squeeze releases it…so you can resume the search, or reverse directions to head for safety. 

Complete and ready to deploy. The search line and both tag lines are permanently attached to ultra-light auto-locking aluminum carabiners that just snap onto an attachment point...and unlock with a simple squeeze. The entire kit fits into a durable stuff bag designed for comfortable carry, easy deployment, and quick-release in an emergency. The complete system, packed with 200 feet of rope and all included accessories, measures 15" x 12" x 7" and weighs under 14 lbs.

  • 200 ft. of PMI Rapid Search Line II: supple 9mm nylon and aramid fiber search rope with a bright Orange and Yellow sheath and Kevlar cable core.
  • Anodized aluminum Lock/Direction and Distance Markers are set every 25 feet to help firefighters know their position along the search line
  • The Safer Search Device (SSD) slides along the rope in either direction, automatically locking into place on the Lock/Direction Distance Markers, until released with a simple squeeze
  • All are machined 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable anodized finish
  • Shapes are easy to feel and “read” with a gloved hand
  • All markers lock in place with a stainless steel set screw
  • Markers are designed to allow quick and easy rope deployment from the bag
  • Dual Attachment Loops on the SSD provide connection points for multiple tag lines, rope operations, or a secure a tie-off
  • High-strength, ultra-light aluminum auto-locking carabiners attached to the search and tag lines can be simply snapped onto an attachment point for a secure, locked connection.
  • Carabiner lock is released by squeezing the back and gate; easy to do, even with gloves
  • Bright yellow rip-stop vinyl Stuff Bag is designed for comfortable carry and easy deployment and re-packing of the line.
  • Large covered side pockets on each side of the bag hold the two included tag lines with room for additional lines, tools or gear
  • Adjustable heavy-duty shoulder strap has a movable pad and seat-belt-style quick-release buckle
  • Flat bottom allows bag to stand on end for convenience when resting, making adjustments, or re-packing
Safer Search Device
Easily slides along the search rope
Automatically locks in place at the Lock/Direction markers
Unlocking is easy with gloved hand
Large attachment loops are useful for taglines
Anodized machined 6061 aluminum
Lock/Direction Marker
Set on search rope every 25’. Safer Search Device automatically locks on marker so firefighters know when to stop, assess conditions, communicate findings, and feel for appropriate distance markers. Position and shape of markers show direction towards
egress/entry point or into search area
Ball Distance Markers indicate 25 ft
Elliptical Markers indicate 100 ft

Lock/Direction Markers and Distance Markers help firefighters know their position along the rope. Markers are designed to allow for quick and easy rope deployment from bag. All are anodized machined 6061-T6 aluminum. Shapes are easy to feel with a  gloved hand. All markers are locked in place with a stainless steel set screw.
PMI Rapid Search Line II
The Safer Search Device System is supplied with PMI Rapid search line. It is described by the manufacturer as follows: Designed by firefighters, PMI's Rapid search line is made from high tenacity nylon with a single interior Kevlar cable core. This supple 9mm search line packs away small but is highly grip-able even with a gloved hand. The bright Orange and Yellow sheath is designed for maximum visibility in the fireground environment. Both nylon and aramid fibers will burn if exposed to flame but nylon will melt at much lower
Stuff Bag
Made of 22oz. rip stop vinyl, this bag holds everything you need to begin search operations. Designed and sized to hold 200 feet of rope. Two side pockets to store tag lines. Adjustable shoulder strap with quick-release buckle. VELCRO® brand™ closures. Flat bottom lets the bag stand on end.
Innovative, Ultra-light, auto-locking carabiners.
Simply squeeze the back of this high-strength aluminum auto-locking carabiner, and it can be snapped onto any attachment point for a secure connection, as easily as a simple snap hook. But it locks securely into place, until you're ready to remove it. Then just grip the back, naturally, and pull the locking gate inward to unlock and release it. On or off, it's easy…even with gloves.

Physical Specifications, Complete Packed Kit:
Dimensions15" x 12" x 7"
Weight13.90 lbs.

Delivery Information: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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