Conway/Lion Faceshield, 4

Conway/Lion Faceshield, 4" x .150 Apec (Thumbwheel Style)

Conway/Lion Faceshield, 4 Conway/Lion

Conway/Lion Faceshield, 4" x .150 Apec (Thumbwheel Style)

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My American Classic has the lift springs, this one says thumb wheel. Can I sill get one for the springs?


Sorry but the faceshield for the springs has been discontinued, if you need to replace yours you will been these part numbers; LFH972 Faceshield, and LFH978 the thumb wheel parts kit. Fireman 203 have a great and safe day


Does this faceshield fit the Legacy 5?


You will need this P/N LFH974, $52.39 and will need to be ordered.


Can this be retro fitted to a classic with the flip down shields?


yes you use this on your classic, but you will need this also to make it work LFH978 hardware kit.


will this product work on a cairnes 1044 helment?


No this is made for the Paul Conway/Lion helmets, if you want a face shield for your 1044 your going to have to order a P/N 10071006, a call into our call center will get this for you, give them the part number, if they question you ask them to talk to Butch, or transfer you to my desk. The 1044 normally has a Defender eye shield