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CoolShirt Aqua Vest Active Firefighter Rehab Vest

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Replacement or additional cooling vests for your Aqua Vest Active Firefighter Rehab System

Don’t let HEAT STRESS take anyone out of the action. Utilizing NASA study guidelines, Cool Shirt® temperature controlled cooling systems utilize ice and water circulated through a variety of cooling garments, including lightweighT-Shirts and Aqua Vest™ reusable vests. COOL SHIRT® Systems reduce heat stress, heat fatigue, cramping, and exhaustion —while increasing alertness and safety, improving morale and productivity, and reducing heat related illnesses. Aqua Vest™ Systems are specially designed to improve the efficiency of any firefighter Rehab Station…and help you meet the requirements of NFPA Standard 1584.
  • Over 50 ft. of soft medical grade tubing stitched into the vest circulates cold water over 30-40% of the body to cool 28 times faster than cool air
  • Can also be soaked with water for improved evaporative cooling, as well as convective cooling, during rehab or whenever vest can be exposed to air
  • Helps maintain a safe core body temperature to keep users refreshed, alert, and more effective
  • Reduces heat stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and heat-related illnesses. Improves safety, productivity, well-being
  • Simply plugs into your existing Aqua Vest Active Firefighter rehab cooler, or any Cool Shirt stationary or portable personal Cooling System
  • Helps meet NFPA 1584 Standards for Active Cooling and Rehab
  • Aqua vests and cooler system packs sold separately

Transfers body heat 28 times faster than air. The Aqua Vest combines enhanced evaporative cooling with active heat transfer to cold water circulating through the Vest, removing heat from the trunk of the body faster and more far efficiently than systems that only cool the extremities. And it’s far more effective than rehab stations that only provide shade, a misting fan, and a wet towel. Hydration alone certainly won’t do the job. Each vest contains 50 feet of surgical grade capillary tubing sewn into place to evenly cool the torso and effectively reduce core body temperatures. Wetting the vest by immersing it in a tub of clean water can effectively multiply the effectiveness of the system by simultaneously increasing natural evaporative cooling when the vest can be exposed to air. Perspiration and dehydration are greatly decreased.

The Aqua Vest will safely lower core body temperature of a firefighter or anyone in danger of heat stress. Simply removing one’s turnout coat or other protective gear, and slipping on an Aqua Vest, can be the first step to a faster, more effective rehab session, a quicker return to action, and more efficient performance from every member of your crew. It was originally designed to efficiently cool firefighters during rehab, but the Aqua Vest it can be used for hundreds of other applications: by firefighters and other responders, police officers directing traffic, road crews, drivers of heavy equipment, military personnel, industrial workers, landscapers, hospitality workers, sportsmen, or almost anyone working in intensely hot conditions.

Aqua Vest® helps firefighters rehab faster and more completely

  • Cools 28 times faster than cool air
  • Quickly returns core body temperature to normal
  • Lowers pulse rate
  • Quickly lowers BP
  • Allows rehydration
  • Provides easy access for monitoring “vitals”
  • Requires very little set up time
  • Only requires ice, water, and power
  • Is simple to operate, comfortable to use
  • Can be quickly switched from person to person to speed team rehab

"With today’s reduced teams, it’s imperative to get (everyone) back into battle as quickly as possible. We all have to do more with less people. The Cool Shirt® Aqua Vest System allows us to do just that. This system really works!”
- Chief Rick Lasky - Lewisville Texas FD

Users in all kinds of industries have told us that shorter rehab or cool-down breaks, increased up-time, improved performance and decision-making—and the very real improvement in worker efficiency and productivity—makes a Cool Shirt Pay for itself with surprising speed. It’s not only extremely effective; it has proven extremely COST effective.

How the Aqua Vest® Works

  • Cool water conducts heat away from the body 28 times faster than air
  • Aqua Vest covers 30-40% of the skin’s surface with temperature-controlled cool water at 45° to 55° F, a formula proven in numerous studies to be optimum for safe, efficient cooling.
  • 50 ft of soft, flexible, medical grade tubing is arranged in 4 cooling zones on the front and back of the shirt for uniform distribution and maximum cooling efficiency
  • Aqua Vest uses conduction to effectively cool the blood
  • To further speed cooling the Aqua Vest can also be soaked or immersed in water (cooled or at ambient temperature) to increase natural evaporative cooling, and in many cases provide the perspiration a body isn’t capable of producing over prolonged periods in extreme heat.
  • Perspiration and dehydration are greatly decreased

Designed to be worn full time under HazMat suits or other protective apparel and work clothing. Cool Shirt® effectively cools the upper body during operations…to keep core body temperature under control.

THERMAL IMAGING OF A COOL SHIRT; which works exactly like the Aqua Vest, shows flow of cooled water through the tubing in front (left) and rear of the cooling shirt and the significant reduction of body temperature in the area of the body surrounding it.

Numerous studies, such as those done by NASA, and proven emergency medical protocols have established that covering 30-40% of the body with water at 45-55° F, is the most efficient way to take advantage of the body’s natural responses to overheating as it moves a greater percentage of our blood to the surface for cooling. At ambient temperatures over 90° F, the body will channel as much as half of its blood away from the brain and vital organs and send it to the skin, which acts as a natural radiator, where it can be quickly cooled down by evaporating perspiration and help maintain a safe core body temperature. But when external temperatures are too severe, or evaporation is hampered by dehydration or restrictive clothing, the results are more likely to be severe heat stress, cramping, heat exhaustion, and even heart attack. Plus it rapidly reduces brain function—including the ability to reason and make the quick, correct decisions so critical to survival in a dangerous situation.

Independent testing has proven that COOL SHIRT® Aqua Vest provides:

  • Significant reduction in sweat rate
  • Significant reduction in dehydration
  • Significant reduction in cramping attributed to dehydration and electrolyte loss

Why you need a COOL SHIRT® Aqua Vest

  • Faster decision making
  • Improved reaction time
  • Less mistakes
  • Reduces sweating
  • Reduces dehydration
  • Reduces heart rate
  • Helps maintain a safe core body temperature

More Cool Shirt Aqua Vest Cooler options to meet your needs. Cool Shirt offers a wide range of portable and stationary cooler systems to meet a wide range of requirements for individual users or an entire team of operators. You can choose a compact, lightweight, fully-portable rechargeable battery-powered system such as the Cool Shirt Waist Pack Cooler or Back Pack Cooler. Either system can be worn comfortably under some HazMat suits, over work clothes of all kinds, or used with other types of clothing and protective gear.

Drivers or personnel attached to a vehicle can plug their Cool Shirt or Aqua Vest into a free-standing 12v cooler system originally developed for racing car cockpits that can easily reach over 130° F. These “hard” coolers or soft portable bag coolers can be mounted, or simply placed, in virtually any type of vehicle. Systems can be configured to cool just one person or an entire crew.

Or you can keep a whole crew comfortable and more productive by periodically recharging their shirts from a stationary 110v AC-powered single- or multi-person system initially designed primarily for firefighter Rehab Stations.

We have access to an ever-growing variety of coolers and Cool Shirt garments to meet almost any personal cooling or rehab requirements. We can configure, or custom-design a cost-effective system especially for you. Call us at 800 852-6088 for more information.

Cooler pack systems sold separately.

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