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PacMule Ultra Quick Release Ladder Belt with Tool Loops

$208.59 - $211.59
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More than a Ladder Belt. It may also be the, most versatile, most comfortable, and safest Tool Belt you can buy.

It started with the Ultimate Hands-Free Truckman’s Belt, developed by a small group of veteran Illinois Firefighters who felt they could add more utility to basic Truckman’s and ladder belts. The Pac Mule made it easier and more comfortable to carry axes and other large, heavy tools. They added a super strong lanyard and scaffold hook. The PacMule Ultra Quick Release Ladder Belt is winning converts all across the country for its exceptional combination of utility, security, and comfort. The PacMule offers more.
  • Multi-purpose belt provides permanent fall protection that a simple tool belt simply can’t.
  • Built on the comfortable, more effective Pac Mule Truckman’sBelt
  • Heavy-duty 18” nylon lanyard is permanently attached to the belt’s bailout ring in compliance with NFPA standards for Ladder Belts.
  • The full-length 4” wide cool-max waist pad provides wrap-around support and puts a layer of extra cushioning between the belt, tools, SCBA gear, and your body
  • Belts are color-coded by size for faster selection and improved safety
  • Meets NFPA 1983, but not the current edition. 

More Security. This multi-purpose belt provides permanent fall protection that a simple tool belt can’t. A heavy-duty 18” nylon lanyard is permanently attached to the belt’s bailout ring in compliance with NFPA standards for Personal Escape/Ladder Belts. The no-nonsense steel ladder hook has a ¼-turn safety lock that can be opened in a second, even with gloves on, and re-locks itself even faster when you let it go. Its unique shape and 2” wide gate opening makes it large enough for virtually any ladder rung or bucket attachment. And the 18” fixed lanyard has proven an ideal length to allow freedom of movement within a bucket, but too short to “hang yourself” when working from a ladder.

More Comfort. This lightweight belt integrates 4” wide Coolmax-lined back padding against the 1-1/2” nylon webbing that actually carries the load. The full-length waist pad not only provides wrap-around support, it puts a layer of extra cushioning between the belt and your body, comfortably spreading the load, and protecting you—and your turnout coat—from cutting or abrasion by the belt and the tools it’s designed to carry. Plus it helps keep your SCBA from hitting your spine.

More Utility. The PacMule Ultra is designed to carry tools and equipment in any situation without slipping or tangling. Suspend your D-rings (not included) from the support webbing attached horizontally at the lower edge of the belt. The unique design keeps an axe or Halligan suspended from the D-ring in a stable position that minimizes swinging and holds the tool’s head against the cushioning belt. When not being used, the D-rings fold flat against the belt and are held up, and out of the way, by snaps. Two additional carabineer slots in back let you attach additional equipment or tag lines.

More Speed. The quick-release fastener is designed to be snapped on or opened in a hurry, even with gloves on. Friction buckles on all the belt and both leg loops let you adjust the harness’ size to fit comfortably and securely over your turnout gear, with a few quick pulls.

More Safety Options. With its 6,000 lb. rated webbing and forged bailout ring, the PacMule Ultra Quick Release Ladder Belt meets NFPA 1983, (but not the current edition) for escape belts. The specially shaped front-mounted bailout ring provides a secure, fast-access attachment point for the ladder strap or bailout line. It's also good for tag and search lines. It folds out of the way and is held flat against the belt by a snap when not in use. Extra webbing is attached to the bailout ring and connected to an extra large carabiner. This carabiner is designed to hook onto a ladder for added safety, while the extra webbing allows more room to maneuver.

More Lifesaving Visibility—with new colors to simplify sizing and speed selection. The Pac Mule’s belt’s wide, high-strength webbing now comes in colors that signify the size of the belt, making it extremely easy to recognize and select the size that fits. No more trying to find and read labels. Just find your color and put it on: Black = Medium, Blue = Large, Yellow = X-Large, Red = XX-Large. The color coded webbing is securely stitched to the 4” wide belt padding and surrounded by highly reflective, flame-resistant, 3M Scotchlite material to help make you more visible under all conditions. Plus it makes the belt and its attachment points easy to locate in a drag and rescue situation.

Meets NFPA 1983, but not the current edition. 

  • Heavy duty hardware and construction throughout
  • 1-1/2” Belt webbing rated at 6,000 lb., brightly colored for visibility
  • Heavy-duty 18” nylon lanyard is permanently attached to the belt’s bailout ring in compliance with NFPA standards for Personal Escape/Ladder Belts.
  • Quick-release steel ladder hook carabiner with 2” gate opening; permanently attached to belt webbing for added ladder safety
  • Ladder Hook and lanyard webbing meet OSHA & ANSI Type II Standards
  • 4" wide padded belt provides an extra layer of wrap-around comfort protects your turnout gear, and your back from tools and SCBA gear
  • Equally distributes weight of equipment
  • 3”-wide D-rings and bailout ring fold up and snap out of the way when not in use
  • 3M Scotchlight® reflective material on front of padding provides high visibility in any light
  • Allows for hands-on ladder climbing with tools secured
  • Convenient quick tag and search line attachment
  • Belts are color-coded by size for quick, sure selection and improved safety:

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Execellent alternative to the leg lock


I am tall and making the traditional leg lock maneuver on a ladder is difficult due to my long legs. The Safety Belt provides me with a way to be secured to the ladder and still be able to perform necessary functions with both hands.

Working Well


These belts are used by our Truck Comp guys. They are enjoying them as they have tool holders which frees up their hands, and makes what they do safer. They also stated that they are very comfortable when they have them on.

Good condition/service, bad design


The belt comes lose because the strap slides out. the strap is used to make the belt larger or smaller depending on your waste. there is nothing to lock the strap, once it is at the right size, so as you wear it, it comes loser and loser and your tools drag on the ground.