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Leatherhead The Irons (Axe, Halligan and Marrying Strap)

$327.99 - $398.99
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The perfect married set of irons for an unbelievable price!

30" Halligan, 6 lb Flat Axe, Fiberglass Handle with HD Strap.
  • Rugged axe is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry, and overhaul
  • All forged 1 piece Halligan bar out-performs inferior “multi-pieced” bars
  • Drop forged with 100% American high carbon steel
  • Hi-vis strap connects the irons for safe, easy carry
About the Axe
  • Easier to use. Harder to lose. 100% American made
  • Perfect for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul
  • 6 lb Flat head axe with 36” Hi-Viz handles
  • Axe heads are drop forged of high carbon steel
About the Halligan
  • Ideal for forcible entry, rescue, or extrication
  • 1 piece forged from high carbon steel for optimum strength and lasting rigidity
  • Heat Treated to meet or exceed ANSI specifications
  • 100% American made for a lifetime of use… and abuse

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"How long is the halligan"

in the description where you pick the options for the axe you will see that the Halligan is 30""

"What is red-head axe? Don't see description."

The head of the axe is painted red in color, and is only available with the hickory wood handle. If you were to pick either the hickory handle or the ""red head axe"" you would see you can't order as a hi-vis handle.

"How much does the set weigh together w/fiberglass handle in the flathead axe?"

Leatherhead tools said about 20lbs.